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Home Based Occupational Therapy

Focused on helping families and children at home.  Epona Therapy Services focuses on getting children outside and helping improve their behavior, self-help skills and social skills.Learn More



Need help with a specific challenge with your child?  An occupational therapy consult can help give you specific workable ideas for your family.Learn More


Why Nature?

Children are spending more time inside and interacting with digital media than ever before.  Families face challenges helping their children with self-care tasks (like dressing and feeding themselves), engage socially with others and maintain attention and focus at school.

Nature can be a valuable part of a child’s day.  It can be a respite from a busy world and allow them to regain their focus, creativity and delight in play with others.

Epona Therapy Services specializes in blending nature and outdoor play into occupational therapy services.  Occupational therapy is often covered by health insurance and is an effective way to address challenges with behavior, attention, coordination and social skills.

Next Steps...

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