I am a New Jersey Licensed pediatric occupational therapist. I have focused my career on animals helping people, nature based therapy and family supportive services: providing a unique view of health and healing. Join our community and get a email update every few weeks about the latest news in nature and healing, learn some seasonal treatment ideas and explore new career options. 

Home based occupational therapy

No more traveling to appointments!  Have an occupational therapist come right to your home to work with you and your child.


Need expertise advise about a challenging behavior?  Looking for a Sensory Diet for your child?  Epona Therapy Services provides family consultations to support families who want to address challenges at home with the support of a professional.

Clinical Education/Mentoring

Looking for fieldwork as an occupational therapist?  Seeking a mentor to incorporate hippotherapy into your practice?  Clinical education and mentoring are important professional skill builders.


Seeking to reduce Screen-time?

Epona Therapy Services offers a customized digital diet or screen-free support for families wanting to reduce screen-time for their children.

Interested in Occupational Therapy with horses?

Hippotherapy is one tool used by occupational therapists.  Gina Taylor MS OTR/L HPCS is a Board Certified Hippotherapy Clinical Specialist.  She provides occupational therapy services as well as mentoring for Occupational Therapy practitioners and workshops through the American Hippotherapy Association.


Next Steps...

Email for more information about occupational therapy to help your family.