Wholistic Beginnings provides comprehensive occupational therapy support services through your fertility and family journey.  This includes pre-conception guidance for health and wellness and preparing your mind, body and spirit for moving from the maiden role to a mothering role.  Pregnancy support include education, therapy and guidance for topics such as morning sickness, pelvic pain, anxiety and uncertainty.  Preparation of your birth plan and designing a blessing way ceremony are also included.  Finally, support in the postpartum days includes a visit within 24-72 hours to support the family building new roles and healthy habits.  Occupational therapy support continues through 3 visits during the fourth trimester to support both the new mom and healthy development in the baby.

Wholistic Journey $2500

Includes 20 occupational therapy sessions from pre-conception or early pregnancy through the fourth trimester.

Wholistic Passage $1800

Occupational therapy services during the end of pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester.  Includes birth plan and ritual for Blessingway.

Wholistic Voyage $650

Support for the new mother and infant following birth and into the fourth trimester.  Help move into motherhood and give your baby extra support during the earliest days.

Payment plans available