Nature and Animals

Nature can be a beneficial tool in occupational therapy. Interactions with animals can help promote meaningful change.  The occupational therapist uses a variety of tools that incorporate nature for therapeutic benefits.  Hippotherapy is a tool used by occupational therapists that bring the movement provided by a horse into the treatment session.  Alpacas, dogs and other farm animals can also be a fantastic way to help children engage.

Home Grown

Invite the power of gardening into your life.  Gardening is empowering, engaging and can produce beautiful flowers, healthy food and medicinal herbs.  This program provides support in designing a therapeutic garden, growing and harvesting.


Screen Smart Parent

If you are concerned about the role technology is playing in your child's life then Screen Smart Parent will provide the support you need.  Replace unhealthy screen habits with new outdoor activities and engagement in nature.  Research supports the use of nature to improve attention and behavior, while replacing screen time.

Wholistic Beginnings

A specialized Occupational therapy program focusing on women and infants.  Pre-conception through the fourth trimester support.  Occupational therapy helps you get your body, mind and life ready for pregnancy and the changes that come with motherhood.  Support throughout your pregnancy help you cope with physical discomfort as well as emotional support to step into a new role.  Finally, care is continued through birth and the fourth trimester to support the new baby, mother and family.  Your therapist will help you design an environment in your home that enriches your baby's development and helps new families become strong and confident.