Nature and Animals

Nature can be a beneficial tool in occupational therapy. Interactions with animals can help promote meaningful change.  The occupational therapist uses a variety of tools that incorporate nature for therapeutic benefits.    Alpacas, dogs and other farm animals can also be a fantastic way to help children engage. Gina Taylor, OT is a board certified Hippotherapy Clinical Specialist and one of only three Occupational Therapists in the United States that are part of the American Hippotherapy Association faculty. Gina is an expert in using horse interactions to create meaningful change for children with a variety of challenges. Focusing on goals such as:
  • Movement (from wheelchair users to mild coordination concerns)
  • Social skill building to strengthen relationships
  • Sensory processing and emotional regulation
  • Participating in meaningful activities and finding intrinsic motivation

“My son wouldn’t miss his OT sessions with Gina for anything. He asks everyday if he’s going to see his horse today”

Occupational therapy client’s mother