Occupational Therapy using Hippotherapy

Occupational therapy at Epona Therapy Services, focuses on natural and holistic tools that improve our clients’ quality of life, developmental skills and overall health. Horses are part of our outdoor OT programming. Hippotherapy is a word that describes how we apply movement from the horse to help our clients.

Children connect with horses and enjoy the movement experience when sitting on the horse. The therapist can use this movement like a therapy ball or swing in a clinic. This new experience with the horse can improve play skills, social skills, planning movements for dressing, sports and getting around the house and community.

Adults tell us how much they enjoy their OT sessions. They can see the connection between the physical work of sitting on the horse and their improve strength during making meals at home. Adults share how calm and less anxious they feel after their OT sessions incorporating horses.

When you become part of the Epona Therapy family, we will work with you to decide if hippotherapy would be an effective tool to help you meet your goals.

Occupational therapy that focuses on making a difference at home, school and with friends.