Occupational Therapy or what?

I am a New Jersey Licensed pediatric occupational therapist. I have focused my career on animals helping people, nature based therapy and family supportive services: providing a unique view of health and healing. Join our community and get a email update every few weeks about the latest news in nature and healing, learn some seasonal treatment ideas and explore new career options. 

April is Occupational Therapy Month!

Occupational therapy focuses on the use of ACTIVITY for restoring health and well being. The focus is on the persons ability to engage in meaningful occupations in life.

Physical therapy focuses on the restoration of the body function that limits the person. It is more typical that PT is focusing on an exercise program for a specific muscle, injury or weakness.

Check out Ann Wilcock, "Occupational therapy perspective of health" it is a really slow read, but it totally explains the importance of occupation in human existence.

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